is LUL latino exclusive? 

No, we promote cultural awareness and are open to all ethnicities.

do you haze?

We do not physically abuse or degrade our Caballeros (Prospective New Members). Although our process is difficult, we do not believe brotherhood can be built upon a foundation of humiliation and degradation. Furthermore, LUL has anti-hazing policies which adhere to anti-hazing laws. For more information on LUL's anti-hazing laws and policies, click here

is there a minimum GPA requirement? 

Yes, in order to be considered for the New Membership Education Process, you must have a 3.0 as a Freshman, or 2.8 as an upperclassman. Furthermore, during the process, each chapter has a 4.0 scholastic program. After crossing, and becoming an Hermano, LUL mandates that each member of the chapter maintain a minimum GPA to remain active in the chapter. Hermanos in various professions are available to help younger Hermanos in any subject that they may need assistance with. 

Do I need to drink to join? 

La Unidad Latina prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages in membership recruitment. Each chapter of the fraternity forbids all alcohol use by members under the age of 21 years at any and all fraternity events. The use of alcohol during formal recruitment is strictly prohibited for all men who are participating in the recruitment process. Men who are found in violation of this policy will be dismissed from the recruitment process. In addition, LUL's new member education process is a strictly dry process. 

What do i gain?

Along with the benefits of support, encouragement and friendships that last a lifetime, fraternity membership offers many practical benefits to its members. The LUL Foundation, a 501-c-3 organization offers scholarships to members who apply and are accepted. Members of the fraternity are provided unlimited opportunities to develop their leadership skills by attending seminars, holding officer and committee positions within the chapter; and serving as a role model for younger members. Through volunteering in the community and on campus, members of fraternities develop the self worth that comes from serving others. Fraternities also offer a lifetime of networking opportunities with men of all ages and professions.

How do I become an hermano?

There are three ways to become an Hermano:

  1. The Undergraduate Process
    • Attend an informational 
    • Attend other LUL Events and connect with the Brothers
    • Attend a Smoker
    • Send in an application 
    • Interview 
    • Begin and complete the New Member Education Process 
  2. The Graduate/Professional Process
  3. Be selected to become an Honorary Hermano

DO you have a Sister sorority?

Although we have strong historic ties to some organizations, we are not constitutionally or otherwise affiliated with any other organization

Where can i learn more?

By visiting our national website or by attending one of our informationals.