Our Legacy

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The Alpha Alpha Chapter of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Fraternity Inc., was founded at Stevens Institute of Technology on September 7th, 1997 by five strong, determined and proud Latino gentlemen.

Together, they worked hard to establish the Chapter which provided Latino men with a vehicle through which they could serve their community and strengthen the representation of Latinos in higher education. Since the chapter’s inception, Alpha Alpha Chapter has worked extremely hard to address the need of the Latino community on the Stevens campus by promoting cultural awareness through series of events and community services.

Throughout the past 20 years the chapter has developed 57 ambitious and dedicated Hermanos who strive to uphold the values and goals of La Fraternidad and of the Latino Community. Although founded on September 7th, 1997, Alpha Alpha chapter did not get full recognition status as a fraternal organization by Stevens administration until October 24, 2002.

Furthermore, since its establishment at Cornell University on February 19, 1982, La Unidad Latina has been at the forefront addressing the issues that affect the Latino community for the past 34 years. We, the Hermanos of the Alpha Alpha Chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology are undoubtedly well on our way to upholding such a prestigious reputation.

La Unidad Para Siempre! 

The Founders


Ronald Castro - Spring '97, Omicron Chapter

Benjamin Irizarry - Spring '97 Omicron Chapter

Ariso Herrera - Spring '97 Omicron Chapter

Jose Gutarra - Spring '97 Omicron Chapter

Jimmy Tovar - Fall '92 Alpha Chapter

Our Alumni 

alpha line | Fall 1998

1. Gil Bertin

Bajo la Presion por el Temor 

Beta Line | Spring 1999 

1. Ivan Quizhpi 

El Cuerpo Pelea, Pero es el Corazon Que Lucha 

Gamma Line | Spring 2000

1. Hernan Guadalupe
2. Jonathan Almonte

Todo Que Corazon Desea, Corazon Obtiene 

Delta Line | Spring 2001 

1. Juan Jaime
2. Christian Gonzalez

Nuestras Raices son Fuertes y Nadie Nos las Puede Quitar 

Epsilon Line | Spring 2002 

1. Diego Guadalupe
2. Peter Perez
3. Ahmer Siddiqui
4. Armand Rigual
5. Oscar Hernandez
6. Luis Esquilin
7. Freddy Mendieta


Zeta Line | Spring 2003 

1. Michael Aragon
2. Diego Molina

Accomplecimientos No Son Valorados Sin Lagrimas y Sufrimientos 

Eta | Spring 2004 

1. Lucciano Barrenechea
2. Daniel Asis
3. Henry Cortes

Fuerza No Es Nada Sin El Corazon 

Theta | Spring 2006 

1. Oscar Jimenez
2. Jeancarlo Figueroa
3. Jorge Tovar
4. Daniel Velasquez
5. Nery Hernandez

Hasta El Dia Que Nuestro Corazon Muera, Siguirimos Luchando 

Iota | Spring 2008 

1. Juan Carlos Coronel
2. Richard Sanchez

Veritas Et Lux 

Kappa | SPring 2009 

1. Barney Alvarez 


Lambda | Spring 2010 

1. Esteban Roldan
2. Eryk Urrego
3. Michael Cepeda

Nueva Sangre De Cambio

Mu | Spring 2011 

1. Luis Garcia
2. Denis Barberena
3. Erick Valencia
4. Alvaro Home
5. Yauchin Lam

Fratres Super Collem, De Sal Terrae 

Nu | Fall 2013 

1. Tom Cruz
2. Jesus Monegro
3. Armando Rosa
4. Christopher Melendrez
5. Jorge Rojas 


Xi | Spring 2014 

1. Ryan Bertani
2. Joshua Negron

La Luz Eterna Que Guia En la Oscuridad 

Omicron | Spring 2015 

1. Denzel Drye
2. Jose Angeles

Un Voto Solemne Persiguiendo Sabiduria 

Pi | Spring 2016 

1. Matthew Colacino
2. Julian Hernandez
3. Renato Goliger
4. Shemar Yap
5. Alfredo Batistini
6. Alexander Vergara
7. Romulo Quiliche 

Para Matar La Discordia

Rho | Fall 2016

1. Xavier Rosario
2. Andrew Perkins

Revelando El Kalagitnaan Interno

Sigma | Spring 2017

1. Ruben Martins
2. Johnny Aza
3. Johnathan Aviles
4. Xavier Robles-Giron
5. Milton Zarzuela

Quasi Aquea Informem